I believe it is long overdue for the opposition push for general elections in SVG; the ULP has proven fruitless and so far displayed its inability to produce the goods needed to ease the squeeze on the people of SVG and improve the standard of living. That said; it is the responsibility of the Opposition to mount the pressure and bring about change, by uniting the people.

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While I an convince that the ULP administration has lost the MORAL authority to govern the once blessed SVG, I am also convince that tha NDP hasn't demonstrate any convincing commitment that they are ready for the JOB at hand. The NDP has become a BLOCK of plenty talk and little to no ACTION. There has been so many issues that has unfolded in SVG in recent years. And what have they the NDP do? Nothing but talk. One would of get the impretion that after the last election and with a larger opposition that things will be different. Guess what? Not so.. In fact things has getn't worst with the goverment and the opposition can not generated any resistance. Can anyone tell me how the ULP while in opposition was able to get motions of no-confidence in the house of assemly and force resignition on members of the government and with a smaller opposition than this current if I'm not mistaking?

Well, I do agree that the ULP administration has gone above and beyond their powers as the ruling a political party. They use bully tactics and manipulate the people of SVG and the opposition, the only reason they are still in power is because of the way they govern; with fear and aggression.

The police department is in the pocket of the ULP this is wrong; the police should be a neutral organisation and should not be control by the PM!

SVG is suppose to be a democratic but how could this be when we have an autocrat in the driving seat?

Yes the NDP has lost a lot of its drive and I think this it down to the way they are treated by the government. They need to get the people behind them.

God Bless SVG..!!!


@ jones -I agree...@ SKIBBLES...U narr even sound like u live here-cuz if u did-u wuda realise thas an all over the world issue -Police n most persons wou8ld want to lean to build the country-but ppl cant c pass politics -cuz honestly -to mi the police in SVG seem to lean more to NDP -ULP has taken the country to another place commercially -yes we feel the strain on the economy-buh thas all part of prgress-the king say jah dont giv man more than dey cud bare-So low d man dem -n find new creative ways to make money if thas ur issue-as far as i concern down to the radio stations shud stay mutual -buh they more politically involved than d damn parliamentarians-i hope now alyuh ovas y we cant progress a a nation -..tha man who neva built always BADMIND the man who try build one/...So leave we country -n run alyuh politics...is money man a defend in dem times fo we ute dem etc-..nah no ploitics fuckry -we cud fix tha once every 5yrs -cauz d ppl is d government-FIRE BUN NEGATIVITY....

So skibbles -vote yo self ....or study mekking sum money in d mean time -til d elections sitten come roun ...

@ ShadeyVille Well firstly... I am born and bred Vincentian! I am not living in the country at present however; I am up to date on all the general and wider political issues happening there. And I certainly am aware of what is going on around the world. The police in SVG should not be in favour of either political party. As for the ULP taking the country to another place commercially; the fact that you highlighted the people are feeling the strain shows that it’s a place I would call a tough one! You are correct the almighty don’t give a man more than his fair share however; some men try to take more than their share!

The least of my worry is making money I have a great job that I enjoy thoroughly, I am just one of few VINCENTIANS that can see past the political figures.

And FYI I do not support negativity but I much welcome constructive criticism for the betterment of SVG.!


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